Channel fabric creation process

Channel material is a significant channel vehicle for channel presses. To accomplish the best filtration impact, Jingjin steadily presented a total channel fabric creation line and innovation from natural substance attracting creation to channel material shaping in Germany in 2013, which joined with Jingjin’s almost 30 years of filtration experience in strong fluid partition industry, can deliver channel fabrics that make the best incentive for you.

Natural substances – Drawn and Twisted Yarn

We have presented a top of the line polypropylene yarn drawing creation line, the natural substance is made of great fiber grade polypropylene, which can deliver high strength polypropylene yarn of various details from 100D (denier) to 5000D (denier), the strength of which can arrive at 7-8.5g denier, the consistency, rigidity and surface perfection of the yarn surpass the public norm; the curving gear is made of The high level single-shaft single-control winding machine guarantees uniform and precise yarn turn; the yarn is steady as far as holding power, bend and dry hotness shrinkage after heat setting, with consistency of coarseness and fineness controlled at ±1% and dry hotness shrinkage deviation controlled inside ±0.5%.


Twisting of silk strings

Elite execution cutting and twisting machines of notable brands at home and abroad are utilized, among which the German Kalmeyer cutting and distorting machine with cutting edge capacities, for example, programmed bar arrangement and uprooting computation can exactly control and change the distinction in strain between single yarns, so the pressure of each yarn is uniform and guarantees that the woven channel texture is equally ventilated.


Consistent temperature and stickiness climate control framework

The Swiss Lova consistent temperature and stickiness filter cloth specification control framework empowers the studio temperature to be controlled between 26-28°C and the moistness somewhere in the range of 65% and 70%, and consequently changes the return air and residue pull, with the goal that the air is new and contamination free, which works on the nature of the channel fabric.


The weaving machine is made of German Dornier significant burden cutlass loom, the wefting power of the loom is up to 3.7 tons, which can mesh the most slender yarn into the most thick channel fabric, and the air penetrability of the completed item is under 3%, which totally changes the creation interaction of the very business that can’t arrive at the thickness when weaving and depends on molding and ginning to compensate for the thickness.

Washing material

The channel material is rolled and extended in each liner, so the washed fabric is delicate and never shrivels.



The estimating hardware is a German Bruckner measuring machine, which has been extraordinarily updated and improved by the producer in line with Jingjin and is known as the S-class variant of the estimating machine by Bruckner. Specifically, a web-based programmed air penetrability locator has been introduced to naturally change the measuring system as indicated by the test results during the creation cycle. This empowers the air porousness information of the estimating item to be naturally lined up with the necessary interaction.


The two most remarkable benefits of this hardware are: 1) the web-based air penetrability programmed identification, which can naturally distinguish and change the air porousness of the channel fabric, and 2) the multi-point programmed control of the roll pressure, which can consequently change the roll strain as indicated by the air penetrability information recognized web based, guaranteeing the consistency of the perfection, air penetrability and delicateness of the channel material surface.

Material review

The material review is the last assessment of the item quality, any imperfect fabric is treated as scrap to guarantee 100 percent item capability rate.


Laser cutting

The laser cutting machine is completely PC controlled, utilizing progressed laser innovation and mathematical control innovation, utilizing a proper flight light way, stable light transmission, predictable cutting impact anytime of the stage, the entire machine cutting exact and quick, cutting fine, programmed fixing and no seared edge in the wake of cutting, great consistency and dependable to guarantee the nature of the channel fabric.

Channel material handling sewing

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