Building decoration construction technology management

In recent years, with the continuous development of the decoration industry, the management and technological content of decoration construction enterprises are improving, and the competition in the building decoration and decoration market is becoming more and more fierce. In order to meet the needs of the market and improve the market competition, the building decoration and decoration enterprises are increasing. In order to improve the strength of the design work of the drafting organization, the method and level of the design work of the construction organization have been greatly improved.

The construction organization design documents of many construction enterprises have broken through the content and form of civil engineering construction organization design inherited for many years, and have played a certain role in their construction management. We should improve the work level of compiling the construction organization design of architectural decoration projects as soon as possible, so that our construction organization design can really play a role in guiding the construction to achieve high quality and efficiency.

The preparatory work before construction should be fully designed and meticulous

1.The preparation work for the decoration project should be more sufficient

Because the decoration project has the characteristics of many applications of the latest technology, many types of materials, many types of work involved, many procedures interspersed in the middle, and high requirements for the protection of finished products, the preparation work for the decoration project should be more sufficient and more perfect. Comparing with the design drawings, the construction management personnel should carry out detailed comparison and analysis, and design the optimal construction plan for each decoration project.

2.Construction management personnel are the core of the smooth progress of the entire project

The normal operation of the project should be completed through the mutual cooperation of construction management personnel, so a project should have a relatively complete personnel management system. Usually, a project should include positions such as project director, construction personnel, technical personnel, quality inspection personnel, budget personnel, and safety management personnel. The number of personnel required for each position should be determined according to the needs of the position and the actual situation.

Requirements for construction organization design scheme

1.Pertinence: carefully write the “project overview”: It is very important to describe the project overview accurately and concisely according to the bidding documents, construction drawings, site survey records, and bidding Q&A documents. It shows the bidder’s understanding and grasp of the construction project. The “Project Overview” should focus on the main sub-items of the construction project and the analysis of the characteristics of the construction. The premise and basis of the project plan. Compilation of “construction deployment”: “construction deployment” is the strategic deployment and tactical arrangement of construction, and is an important part of the pertinence of construction organization design documents. The “construction deployment” should mainly include the following contents:

①The construction characteristics of each section are divided into construction sections);
②The main sub-item engineering quantity table;
③Main construction sequence and main technological process (flowing water, cross construction);
④ Arrangement of the types of work required for the project construction (describe the scope of work of the main types of work);
⑤ Description of key construction space questions;
⑥The floor plan of the construction site;
⑦ Coordination and cooperation measures with the owners, design, and supervision of construction majors, etc.

If the bidding requires the bidder to make commitments on the construction quality and construction period, the construction organization must clearly answer the commitment. The content, sequence and structural form of the construction organization design documents must meet the requirements of the bidding documents. Make arrangements for the project department personnel, organizational structure, labor force, materials, machinery and equipment, construction technology, schedule and other major elements required by the construction project. For the construction-related questions raised in the bidding document, specific and clear answers must be made to meet the requirements of the bidding.

For the difficulties and key problems that are put forward or not put forward in the bidding document, but actually existing in the construction of the project, corresponding corresponding measures and solutions must be formulated, which can show their own ability and strength. The construction organization design must be based on the bidding requirements and project construction needs, with the engineering resumes, qualification certification documents of the main members of the project management department, and the project manager resumes and qualification certification documents.

2.Feasibility: When formulating the composition of the personnel of the engineering construction project department, the arrangement of the required personnel must be comprehensive, so as to avoid vacancies, so as not to cause the on-site management to be out of control, and the management of the project construction departments, it is necessary to ensure that the personnel positions of the system must be arranged back and forth. Consistent, which proves that the management systems of the project department are clear, clear, efficient, and operate smoothly.

According to the construction quality objectives and construction period objectives required by the bidding, when formulating various guarantee measures, they must meet the characteristics and needs of the project construction. Corresponding reliable measures are formulated for the following possible problems, which proves the feasibility of the construction organization design.

①Extra-conventional construction required by the tender or completed ahead of schedule (the construction work is shorter than the actual required time), or the construction is carried out under special environmental conditions (such as winter construction of exterior decoration, site restrictions, etc.).
②The cost is further reduced by construction if required by the bidding or promised by the bidding.
③ Implement new technologies and new processes in construction.

On-site construction technical problems

The construction process of building decoration projects is complex, the materials are various, and there are many teams and teams for on-site construction work.

first. You must be familiar with the construction drawings, and optimize each process and each sub-project to the greatest extent possible according to the requirements of the construction contract, while taking into account the company’s internal resources (such as construction team, material supply, capital, equipment, etc., as well as natural conditions such as climate) , do a good job in the construction organization plan seriously and reasonably, and ensure that each sub-project can be included in the controlled scope.

Second. According to the characteristics of the project, in addition to a reasonable construction organization plan, it is also necessary to make technical preparations in the specific construction technology, especially the construction technology required by high and new technology.

Technical reserves include technical management personnel, technical foremen and workers training on new technologies and new processes, construction specifications, technical disclosure and other work. Through planned and purposeful training and technical disclosure, skilled construction workers and foremen can be familiar with new construction techniques. New material properties. Improve the technical operation and construction level together to ensure the construction quality.

also. From a technical point of view, whether the construction quality can meet the relevant design requirements and relevant standard requirements, it is far from enough to make strict requirements for each process in the construction process, and there must be a corresponding quality inspection system. The establishment of a sound quality inspection system and quality inspection methods must be scientifically demonstrated. Therefore, different quality acceptance standards must be proposed according to the specific conditions of each process and each construction process. to ensure project quality.

The main work of on-site quality control includes:
(1) Acceptance management of incoming materials and equipment;
(2) Quality control and determination of construction samples;
(3) Quality acceptance of each construction process;
(4) Rectification supervision and management after quality problems occur. In terms of quality control, the relevant person in charge must have a strong principled and serious working attitude.

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