Blend oil arrangement of constrained oil and sprinkle grease

F-Series siphons are appraised at long stroke length and moderately low strokes each moment, hence they further develop the attractions execution and increment the help life of the superfluous parts on the liquid end.

Our F-Series Mud Pumps highlight Mud pump bearing supplier a high level and tough plan with compatible attractions and release valves, and double oil framework.


Constant tooth herringbone gear

One-piece compound steel driving rod

Sustainable crosshead guides

Casing created with steel plate weldments

Twofold compartmentalized development for augmentation bar pressing.

Force end using the blend grease arrangement of constrained oil and sprinkle oil

The liquid end comprises of three tradable produced valve over valve development, which can be nickel plated by clients’ necessity.

Liner are situated by screwed pot covers

F-1300/1600 mud siphons are furnished with a raising gadget for simple substitution of liners from the edge top.

◆ Power End

Ceaseless tooth herringbone gear

Composite steel driving rod

Inexhaustible cross-head guides

Welded steel plate outline with high strength, great inflexibility and light weight

Augmentation bar of twofold compartmentalized development with fantastic fixing execution.

◆ Frame

The driving rod, a projected amalgam steel flighty shaft, is outfitted with herringbone ring gear, association bars and bearings. The ring gear bore and the driving rod surface is of impedance fit and secured with screws and lock nuts.The huge finish of every association pole is mounted on every unusual lash of the driving rod through the single line short tube shaped roller bearing. The little finish of every association bar is mounted on the crosshead pin by means of the twofold line long tube shaped roller bearing. Twofold line outspread round roller bearings are mounted on one or the flip side of the driving rod.

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